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a few words about slitscan:

These are images created by a series of cameras,  adapted scanners , industrial assembly line  cameras & DIY home made from scratch.   These images were created & adapted from work i had seen by  Andrew Davidhazy @ http://www.davidhazy.org/andpph/.

The first version was created in 2002 but shelved for 10 years while my photography improved.

The second version was based on the same scanner as the first but with rewritten software based on the SANE project , it required a required a laptop to operate & the store data

The third utilised a industrial assembly line scanner & required a desktop machine to operate , although it provided better resolution it was bulky.

This  4th version was created using an Ardunio DUE, a few small modules and a linear CCD sensor.   The 4th version is also completely portable & saves data on an SDcard.   This last version is what captured the Street Slitscan/Timeslice , Circular time slice  & with a bit of manipulation Circular transform  images.      The original images are 2048*30000 or 60megapixel images with 12 bit depth.

Some code & pictures of the camera can be seen at http://ralph.ca/other/slitscan_writeup/


2013 Ralph Nevins

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