Siltscan.us is a collection of recent slitscan projects which use home built digital cameras.   My main photography site is located at http://ralph.ca

Contact : Ralph@Nevins.ca


BLURB – If photography is capturing essence of a thing, a person, a place, or even an emotion, then I create pictures to hold that essence for a short time.  It is a passion to explore the unseen and fractional moments that create the world, and transforming images to create stretched realities that are captivating to visualize unreal events, spaces or time.

The satisfaction comes not only from the images but the creative process behind, the originality of the tools, process, algorithm, and technique.   I strive to create images that elicit a response of “how…?”, “Or what…?”, “Or where …?”   Whether visual puns, stop motion, transformed landscapes – these images pull the viewer in… captivated.    My goal is to make the captivation stretch, make that impression last.