Linear Panorama scanner

Design 1
guts came from an EPSON 1250 Scanner (a referb unit ..) 80$cnd
which uses a LM9832 'scanner-on-a-chip'  with a USB interface
and a 10000 * 3 element sensor

software is part of the plustek driver from the SANE project

platform is the top plate off a old FH scsi drive with the motor
that drove the platters is the main spindle
(very smooth bearings & conveniently attached to a platform)
note: rubber band & duct-tape spindle drive

on the platform to the left is the motor drive from the scanner
the USB interface is in the foreground -- the actual scanner 'chip'
& sensor assembly is the green board stuck out of the grey box ...
more details can be seen on the design2 pics

inital design (the box)
most of following images are taken with a Tiffen #87 filter allowing only infrared (740nm + higher)

Design 2
minolta pics (design 2)
Nov 2nd 2002
Nov 3nd 2002

Nov 09 2002t117.jpgt123.jpg

Nov 11 2002

Normal light

Infrared filter

waiting for better weather to try outside again ...
based on work done at School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at RIT